Damask Storyline of Polychrome Heroics
Now with hyperlinks and character list!
(Warning! Possible spoilers!)

Damask storyline with characters listed )

Damask storyline -
"Damask Speaks"
"Cut to the Quick"
"Shrink Wrap"
"Through the Haze"
"Favorite Flavors"
"Until It's Done"
"One Man at a Time"
"The Hall of Mirrors"
"Weaving Damask" - Farce introduced
"That Kind of Hero"
"Lost in the Fog"
"Singing in the Rain"
"Drawing Me Out"
"Who Laughs Last"
"Parts of Myselves"
"Amateur Night" - Farce
"A Question of Class"
"The Hardest Part"
"Traumatic Inertia"
"Strange Gratitudes"
"Buttoned Up" - Farce, her jerk “friends”, Savoir Faire
"Collateral Damages" - Farce
" 'Tis the Season" Farce
"Keep Our Christmas Merry Still"
"Not the Absence of Fear" - Savoir Faire, Dr Infanta, and several other more powerful characters involved.
"An Equation for Conscience"
"The Impractical Cat"
"Rainy Day People" - Farce
"Part of Your New Life" - Farce (not yet posted)
"Outnumbered and Outclassed" - Farce (not yet posted)

Dr. Infanta storyline -
"Friendship Is Important"
"Enter the Dark Horse" - Judd
"Wiser Than the Sons of Men" – Judd
"Power Play"
"A Nice Little Racket"
"Miracles and Other Lies"

Spoon Storyline -
"SPOON in Every Pot" - Whammy Lass
"Nailed, Screwed, and Trued" - Whammy Lass
"Snappy Action"
"Valor's Widow" – listed here for continuity
"Peace Offerings" - a lot of overlap with other lines Antimatter, Plucky Girl, Dr. Doohickey
"Going Ape" – pax is also in "Not the Absence of Fear," from the Damask line
"Heroic Physics 101"
"An Unexpected Connection"
"The Bones of Truth"
"Over the Old Bridge"
"The Walking Trees"
"Leaflets Three, Let It Be"
"The Best Government Money Can Buy"

Calliope (Calvin Sanna)
"Everyday Lies and Heroic Revelations"
"Learning to Be Her"
"April Showers"

Government / Ventral Intelligence Agency
"Compromising Positions"
"A Perspective, Not the Truth"

Assorted oneshots -
"Hit Like a Girl" - Muscle Girl (Carrie Bennion)
"Take Up the Load" – Bethan from ("Keeping Warm" )
"Dr. Laser and the Nocturnal Emissions" – There is no freaking ban..
"The Kindness of Strangers" – The Traveler
"Dr. Doohickey and the Problem of Locomotion" – doubleshot with
"Dr. Doohickey and the Mad Science Scrambler"
"A Seasoned Fighter"
"The Family Business" – doubleshot with
"Shit What You Don't Need"
"Hercules Complex"
"Safety Rails"
"Interchange" – doubleshot with
"Off Fire"
"Touching the Ties That Bind"
"All Crab Find Dey Own Hole"
"Give Her a Mask"
"Pulling It Backward"
"The Consequences of Anger"

Aquariana -- Muriel Green
"Tides of Water and of Sand"
"Sink or Swim"
"Extraordinary Experiences"
"A Voice from Beyond"

"Throwing Souls Like So Much Clay"
"Worse Than the Disease"
"The Face of a Hero"

Antimatter/Stalwart Stan
"Look at Me"
"Pulling Pigtails"

"Peace Offerings"
"A Solitary Fantasy"
"Fair Game"
"A Sense of Power" Filed here for Antimatter, but MissMixit (Damask) and several others are explained.
"Dare Not Speak"
"Pride and Shame"
"Love Shouldn't Hurt"
"Turning Leaves"
"The Taste of Rust" - Shiv
"I'm Here for You"
"Braiding Moonbeams"
"A Walk in the Park"
"Straight as an Arrow"
"Islands and Bridges"

"Early Days"
"The Ones Who Would Do Anything"
"The Making of a Man"
"Like Unformed Clay"
"Swing a Cat"
"Wherever We Find Them"
"All the Colors"
"Je Ne Regrette Rien"
"Cuántos Niños"

Unknown/ history
"A Little Something Extra" (unposted)
"Simple as a Glass of Chocolate" (unposted)
"Father Sun, Mother Moon"
"Heroes Still Living"
"Inside the Lines" (unposted)
"The Tallest Poppy" (unposted)
"Pulling the Strings" (unposted)
"Before the Fever Breaks" (unposted)
"What a Precious Privilege" (unposted)
"Easy to Do the Right Thing" (unposted)
"When Words Are Inadequate" (unposted)
"Board Vision" (unposted)
"What We Call Chaos" (unposted)
"Pine Cones and Pussy Tails" (unposted)
"Climbing the Family Tree" (unposted)
"The Natural State of Motherhood" (unposted)
"Look Both Ways" (unposted)
"firefly feast" (unposted)
"Nancy Stories" (unposted)
"The Girl with the Hair That Would Not Be Tamed" (unposted)
"Calling for Backup" (unposted)



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